Durham, NC

Confidential Medical Center

We installed the ventilation, exhaust, and cooling systems for a large emergency generator building.

Crane and construction equipment outside of a medical center facility

Value Delivered

For a new emergency generator utility building (HUB) at a university medical center, we installed the ventilation, exhaust, and cooling systems. Because the building is located next to patient bed and cafeteria areas, our solutions helped the client meet special acoustics and airflow demands.

Client Objectives

The client needed ventilation, exhaust, and cooling systems for their new emergency generator HUB.


Our solutions included installation of:

  • Substantial sound attenuation banks (264 individual attenuator sections)
  • Heavy-gauge plenums
  • Motorized dampers for the generator intake and discharge
  • Three 30-inch double-wall stainless steel flue vents, reaching 120 vertical feet along the side of the building

To condition the electrical gear and support spaces within the new generator HUB, we also installed:

  • An air handling unit
  • Exhaust fans
  • Heaters
  • Piping systems

Client Background

The client is a large university medical center in Durham, North Carolina.