Durham, NC

Confidential Hospital #2

We achieved minimal downtime by tying into the hospital’s existing steam system after installing their new boiler plant.

View inside of a new boiler plant build at a client location

Value Delivered

We installed, tested, and commissioned this hospital’s new boiler plant, and then tied in to the existing hospital steam system during a short shutdown. Throughout the entire construction process, we achieved the ambitious goal of experiencing only a few hours’ interruption of service throughout the facility.

Client Objectives

The client needed a new boiler plant with high-pressure steam boilers, a deaerator tank, a feedwater system, and associated piping and support systems. 


This new boiler plant was built within existing hospital support space, next to the original boiler plant that it eventually replaced. This required our close coordination with the hospital facilities’ staff and construction team to minimize impact on the day-to-day operations of the hospital. Our solutions included installation of:

  • Five 300 HP high-pressure steam boilers
  • A deaerator tank
  • A feedwater system
  • Associated piping and support systems

Client Background

The client is an area hospital in Durham, North Carolina.