Durham, NC

Confidential Hospital #1

For this hospital, we replaced four air handling units.

View of construction phase of an air handling unit installation

Value Delivered

As the mechanical prime contractor on this project involving replacement of four air handling units (AHUs), we worked closely with the hospital staff to develop and execute a very detailed work plan. Our plan helped minimize interruption of service and impact on the facility.

Client Objectives

This local hospital needed to replace their main air handling systems.


Our solutions included installation of four custom AHUs, custom heat recovery units, piping, and ductwork in the hospital penthouse. We installed the new AHUs parallel to the existing AHUs that were being replaced, to allow them to be started up and checked in advance of full conversion to the new units. This allowed for only a very short shutdown to tie in to the existing air distribution system and take over service to the building.

Client Background

The client is a local hospital in Durham, North Carolina.